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First Call for Participation

            CoNLL Shared Task 2007
             First Call for Participation
The shared task at the Conference on Computational Natural 
Language Learning (CoNLL) 2007 will for the second year 
running be devoted to dependency parsing. Unlike in 2006,
there will be two separate tracks:

1. Multilingual Track: The first track of the shared task 
   will be organized in the same way as the 2006 task (see with annotated training 
   and test data from a wide range of languages, which should
   be processed with one and the same parsing system. The 
   final selection of languages will be announced later, but
   priority will be given to languages/treebanks that were
   not represented in the 2006 task and/or have genuine
   dependency annotation. There will be 8-10 languages in 
   this track.

2. Domain Adaptation Track: The second track of the shared
   task will investigate techniques for adapting current parsing 
   technologies to domains outside of the data from which they 
   were trained. The single language for this track will be 
   English and the data will consist of 1) a large annotated 
   training set, most likely of news related text, 2) a small 
   annotated development data set of non-news text, 3) one or 
   more small test data sets of non-news text, 4) large unlabeled 
   corpora extracted from the domains of the training, 
   development and test data.

The shared task will be part of the joint EMNLP-CoNLL conference 
to be held in conjunction with ACL-07 in Prague, June 28-30, 2007. 
The important dates for the shared task are as follows:

Registration of participants                    January 20, 2007
Release of training (and development) data      January 29, 2007
Release of test data                            March 26, 2007
Submission of test runs                         March 30, 2007
Submission of papers                            April 9, 2007
Notification of acceptance                      April 20, 2007
Submission of final version of papers           May 4, 2007
EMNLP-CoNLL conference                          June 28-30, 2007
In order to receive future calls and other information about 
the shared task, participants should register their intent to 
participate, in either or both of the two tracks, by sending 
an e-mail to Although the deadline for 
registration is not until January 20, 2007, we recommend 
participants to register as early as possible, in order not 
to miss any information.

The website for the CoNLL shared task 2007 will be
This site will be updated continually, so please make sure
to check it out from time to time. 

Questions about the CoNLL shared task 2007 can be sent to

The organizers

Joakim Nivre
Johan Hall
Sandra Kübler
Ryan McDonald
Jens Nilsson
Sebastian Riedel
Deniz Yuret

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