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DepParse Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki site on data-driven, multilingual dependency parsing. Here you will find all kinds of resources (tools, information, links to data) that are useful for this research. As it is a Wiki site, you are encouraged to contribute to it.

History and vision

This Wiki site came forth of the 2006 CoNLL-X shared task on Multilingual Dependency Parsing. During the organization of that task, we collected a lot of information and created several tools and data sets, which we hope will continue to be useful for the research community . While those resources will stay available from the shared task website (as far as data licenses allow) research continues and new resources or improved versions of old ones are created regularly. We have neither the inclination nor the time to keep adding to the shared task site. With the official backing from SIGNLL and the generous technical support of Tilburg University, we have therefore set up this Wiki site in the hope that the shared task can form the seed of a whole new style of collaborative enterprise involving researchers from all over the world working in the same field.


Based on our experience during the shared task, we expect the following types of resources to collect here:

For questions, please contact 'sabine dot buchholz at crl dot toshiba dot co dot uk'

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